D.i.y Surprise ball

I love small and simple things; getting mail, high fives, making the yellow light and of course surprises. Ever since I ran into these surprise balls I've been hooked. I love that its packed with small meaningless items that mean everything in the world to you when you unravel them. The best part is how inexpensive they are to make! This particular bundle came out to $3 & all from party sections. Ah but the best best part is watching the reactions as they are being unravelled, its the sweetest thing.


#1. One streamer roll
#2. Eight or so simple/small goodies
#3. One sweeet sticker

Step one: Unravel your streamer and start with your first goodie!

Step two: Once you've wrapped up the first idem nice and tight, then
you move on to your second, then third, and so on.

Step three: Once all your items are wrapped into a ball, its time to 
add your special sticker to hold it all in place. There you have it, a small treat to give to a special someone. Its even perfect as a small stocking stuffer. 


D.i.y Christmas tree ( green tree )

I've always loved the idea of making my own christmas tree. The process just looks like it would be a blast. But my family loves having a real tree for christmas, & who wouldn't? There's nothing like the smell of pine in your house. However, last year it didn't get done & christmas was a week away. I saw the offer and I immediately jumped on it. They ended up loving the way the tree came out, so this year the green tree came back! We all know this is an obvious way to save money. But just for kicks lets compare prices. Real tree about $80 Green tree about $3! Free is always better, or as close to it as possible.

Supplies for your very own green tree

#1. Two green streamers
#2. Painters tape
#3. Scotch tape
#4. Tinsel
#5. Three hours of your time

Step one: Find the very best corner in your house. Then working from top to bottom tape the width and height you'd like your tree to be! This is merely just to guide you.

Step two: Tape each layer of streamer onto the guided tape from left to right. Make sure that each layer is rather tight, so that your tree doesn't look all soggy and sad.

Step three: After taping the streamer you will fringe it from left to right. Lots of scissor work!!

Keep going! Till you each the tippy top!

Step four: Now its time to add the tinsel! For this part you simply need to tape it down with scotch tape and move along in a zig zag pattern. The really convenient part of this is that you don't have to cut it, making it really reusable when your cut down the tree!

Supplies for your golden star

#1. Gold glitter
#2. scissors
#3. Card stock (You can either hand draw your star or print it out)
#4. Spray adhesive 

Step one: Cut your star out.
Step two: Spray the adhesive 
Step three: Toss glitter all over star, make sure it is completely covered.
Step four: Let it sit to dry, then shake it out lightly outside so that your floors aren't covered in glitter.

Step five: Carefully add your star by taping the corners to the wall.

Step six: The absolute best part. Adding a trunk to your tree!

What I love the most about this tree is that its such an easy clean up & obviously super easy to maintain. I wanted to add christmas lights to it but... I kind of didn't want to be responsible for the house burning down. Maybe next year. Now all thats missing are the presents!


Christmas Car

Now a days its hard to find the time to put christmas lights on the house. At least for my family, if my dad doesn't do it no one will & poor papa is always tired. So, a couple of years ago I decided to take christmas around with me. I must say ever since I started this tradition its made my holidays all the more cheerful, even without the lights on our house. I feel that a car driving around with lights is much more special and silly. I love seeing the expressions of little faces looking up at my car, adults cracking a smile, and cars honking and waving. It makes everyone so much friendlier.

Here what you'll need:
#1. A car with a rack
#2. One or two 100 count color lights
I purchased mine at Rit-Aid.

Once you plug in your adaptor connect your lights and test them out. Then look for an opening or window where you can pass the lights through. My car has a hinged window, seriously the only time I actually appreciate them.

Once your all done, you can either zip tie them so they are nice and secure. Or simply just tie the end together with the rest of the lights. Now its just time to wait for the sun to go away & light up!

Did I mention that it makes following your car so much easier? 
Your friends can spot ya a mile away. Not sure if thats a good thing though.


Friday fingers // Marbleized nails

I've always been mesmerized by marbles, oh the mixture of the twirls and swirls inside of them are just perfect. Each one is different and unique, just like these nails. So get yourself to the kitchen because im sure all of you have the supplies needed! Also I'd like to apologize for my funky nails. I chipped a couple while rock climbing. I must say, ever since I started its been hard to keep a steady relationship with my nails. Sometimes it just seems pointless, but atlas I find myself doing it either way. Anyways here is three quick and easy steps to get your nails looking "marbleous".


#1. Dark nail polish (I used a dark purple)
#2. A grayish polish
#3. Top coat
#4. Plastic wrap

Step one: Paint your nails with your dark polish. This will be your base coat.

Step two: Once your nails are 100% dry, it is time to coat your nails with the gray polish (literally paint over the base coat). You will need to work fast while doing this, and one nail at a time. The second you paint your nail grab your plastic wrap, crumple it up, and dab your nail until you get the desired pattern.

Step three: Top coat it up & done!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

D.I.Y Honey face mask

Lately I've been completely obsessed with natural products, home remedies, and really anything organic. Im that person that has tried everything and saw little or really no results. But since I've changed my face regimen its really improved my crappy skin. When it comes down to face masks this is my go to! Super easy and perfect for those still undergoing puberty (pimples). Seriously, when does it end? Also please, before you try this mask make sure that your skin isn't allergic to honey. 
Alright! Its time to get au-naturel. 


#1. Container for your mask

#2. One teaspoon of Nutmeg

#3. One teaspoon of Cinnamon

#4. Two tablespoon of Unfiltered/Raw honey

Things you should know:
- You can use the face mask 2-3 times a week.
-You get better results when applying on after a shower.
- Wear a shirt you don't care dirtying 

Step one: Pour honey into container

Step two: Add nutmeg and cinnamon

Step three: Stir  all of the ingredients until it has gone from chalky to gooey.
 I personally like using a chopstick for this step. I find that whenever I use a spoon
 I make a bigger mess.

Step four: You dont even have to wait! You can use it this second. Make sure that
 you apply the mask to a clean and patient face because you will be leaving this 
mask on for 30 minutes. I love applying this right before i shower. It saves me time
 having to wash it off over the sink, and then have to clean the sink.


D.i.y emergency kit

Im the type of person that likes to have everything with me, you know... just in case. But throwing everything into my purse isn't very practical, especially when I need it. Everything just gets lost in the mess and I end up having to jiggle my junk out (I hope that made somebody giggle). In other words, complete waste of time. So I decided to make an emergency kit for my personal belongings. 

In my kit I carry
1.Boscia blotting wipes, which is a quick fix to an oily face.
2. Burt's bee's Chapstick
3. NARS new lover lip pencil, to give me a nice reddish hue on the go.
4. Bliss hand cream, which smells absolutely lovely! 
5. A small drawstring bag which I carry my ahem things.. girly things. 
Which I must say is the reason I have an emergency kit to begin with.
6. Some gum, which is always a must.
7. Two hair ties for a quick bun.
8. A small pair of portable scissors. As weird as it is to carry these around, 
you will not regret it. Or at least I don't. I find myself needing scissors quite 
often when im not home.


#1. Two pieces of canvas cut the the size you'd like your kit to be.
 Remember to add 1/2 extra on each side (seam allowance)

#2. Pins to hold fabric in place

#3. One zipper that measures the size of your pouch.
 I made mine according to the size of the zipper.

#4. Red fabric paint

#5. Fabric pen. Totally optional, I use it because
it makes my life easier.

#6. scissors

Step one: Paint your red cross on your already cut piece of canvas.
 Now its time to play the waiting game. Continue onto step two when dry.

Step two: Pin the fabric down to the zipper and
 hand sew, or use the sewing machine. 

Step three: Place the two fabrics together and sew the sides and bottom.
 Make sure your pattern is sandwiched between the two fabrics. In other 
words the part you want to be outside should be inside when sewing.

Step four: Reverse your already sewed pouch

Step five: Stuff it with your belongings! 

D.i.y pizza cookie

There are many things I enjoy in this world. Two of which are chocolate 
and pizza. So I thought I'd combine the two! Plus Im personally not a cake person.
 Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful I just prefer the taste of a warm cookie or brownie. 

Naturally (for me) this the perfect alternative & would be a blast to do with kids. This particular pie was for a birthday girl, whom was pleasantly surprised to see a huge cookie in a pizza box! Now if your thinking this is just too much chocolate, you can easily substitute the nutella for some strawberry/raspberry preserves. I actually kept fighting with myself on what to use for the "pizza sauce". I knew some sort of fruit preserve would look much more like a pizza, but my sweet tooth couldn't deny nutella. 


#1. Two packets of chocolate chip cookie dough

#2. Nutella

#3. Four mini packets of M&Ms 

#4. Shaved coconut

Step one: Let your two packets of cookie dough thaw, that you can easily 
form a ball with the dough.

Step two: Spread your cookie dough on a pizza pan (I added grease, but 
its not necessary). Don't forget to create a "crust" around the edges 
when kneading the dough. When your ready to place it in the oven make 
sure you follow the cookie dough instructions. When you remove the 
pizza from the oven let it cool for about 20 minutes or until the dough has cooled. 

Step three: Spread nutella in a circular motion. 
Make sure to leave an inch around without nutella.

Step four: Now is the time to make your pizza slices. If you wait till
the end the cookie will harden, making it impossible to cut the cookie
without breaking it.

Step five: Add your pepperoni (Chocolate M&Ms). I tried to make sure each slice had 
a mixture of colors and kept the doubles to a minimum.

Step six: Add the cheese (shredded coconut)! This was my favorite part. 
I loved spreading the cheese just like I would for a pizza.

Step seven: & now for the Pièce de résistance. 
             A pizza box for your pizza cookie!

Step eight: Deliver your pizza pie to a special friend! 
            Or have yourself a pizza night with a side of ice cream!

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