Friday fingers // distressed denim

Navy is one of my favorite colors, its simple and never lets you down, even when your feeling blue. For this weeks friday fingers I thought I'd go casual and do acid denim nails. Let me just say this is way easier than bleaching a vest, or for that matter bleaching anything. Nothing beats going the easy way out.


#1. Navy nail polish 
#2. White nail polish
#3. Top coat
#4. Q-tips
#5. Acetone - not shown
#6. 20 minutes of your time
#7. & this of course

Step one: Once you've applied your base coat coat, apply the navy polish.

Step two: After waiting for your navy polish to dry, apply the white nail polish on the nails you'd like to have the acid wash look. I personally like the look of two denim nailsrather than all of them.

Step three:  Once the white coat is completely dry, dip aq-tip into acetone and softly rub areas of the white polish. If you end uprubing to hard you’ll go through both layers of polish. ** I used about threeq-tips for two nails because the white polish gathered and made it moredifficult to get a clean look.

Step four: Apply top coat and done! I decided to pizzaz it a little and added some charms from our Hex Etsy account!

Happy casual friday! 
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Friday fingers // Marbleized nails

I've always been mesmerized by marbles, oh the mixture of the twirls and swirls inside of them are just perfect. Each one is different and unique, just like these nails. So get yourself to the kitchen because im sure all of you have the supplies needed! Also I'd like to apologize for my funky nails. I chipped a couple while rock climbing. I must say, ever since I started its been hard to keep a steady relationship with my nails. Sometimes it just seems pointless, but atlas I find myself doing it either way. Anyways here is three quick and easy steps to get your nails looking "marbleous".


#1. Dark nail polish (I used a dark purple)
#2. A grayish polish
#3. Top coat
#4. Plastic wrap

Step one: Paint your nails with your dark polish. This will be your base coat.

Step two: Once your nails are 100% dry, it is time to coat your nails with the gray polish (literally paint over the base coat). You will need to work fast while doing this, and one nail at a time. The second you paint your nail grab your plastic wrap, crumple it up, and dab your nail until you get the desired pattern.

Step three: Top coat it up & done!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

D.I.Y drippy nails

These nails are perfect for the summer! & there are so mannnny combination of colors you could do.

1. base coat
2. I used sally hansen extreme mint sorbet
3. Then i added a quick dry coat (cause im a klutz)
4. In order to get the effect, i made sure the wand was thick of polish. Then i added three dots of a cotton candy type of pink and worked my way up. You could do different pattern of drips, from high to low, etc.
5. You can also add a small drip towards the middle of the nail to give it even more of a drippy trippy effect.
6. top coat! and viola!

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