A few lovely 2013 printable calendars

The new year is approaching and theres nothing I love more than calendars. Wait let me rephrase that, FREE calendars. Something about them just make me feel instantly prepared and organized. Here I've gathered six of my favorite calendars, one of which will organize all those birthdays, and some that are totally giftable. Enjoy!

(Links are down low)

#1. A splendid geometric way to view 2013.
#2. This ones aztecular!
#3 Have yourself a sweet year.
#4. Choose me for an inspirational year!
#5. Year round chalkboard calendar.
#6. Get your birthdays straight.

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A few lovely Christmas links

One of my favorite things about the holidays are all the lovely ideas there are floating around on the inter-web. I love that everybody gets so crafty! Some even start ions before I realize its december & I salute you. Here are a few (more than usual) lovely links that im crushing on.

p.s. links are down below

#1. Brilliantly simple way to show off your holiday cards.
#2. Quick & easy printable advent calendar.
#3. Super lovely printable gift tags.
#4. Space saving, Advent in a jar!
#5. This totally economical advent calendar is the shit.
#6. Keep track with a December desktop calendar.


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