Friday Fingers // D.I.Y eyeball nails

Staying in passing out candy this year? 
Dressing up as some kind of dead zombie?
Or just feeling festive? (That's me)

Then I think these'll do the trick. 


1. Black nail polish
2. Red striper nail polish (veins)
3. Blue nail polish 
4. White nail polish 
5. Top coat
6. Dotting tool

1. Paint it white.
2. Dot it blue with the wand of your blue polish.
3. Use your red striper brush and paint Y's around the eyeball.
4. Add a black dot in the center 
5. Add a white dot towards the top of the black to give the eye a glare.
6. Top coat it and your done!

Happy friday!
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  1. omg those little eye balls are super cute! perfect for halloween!

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