D.i.y Balloon on a stick

I've never really cared for those tiny silver balloon sticks that you buy at the market. Its probably because I like the way plastic balloons look. So I thought I would do a mixture of those balloons topped off with some ribbon. While shopping for balloons I ran into these fun smiley faced ones that I imagined would work perfectly for a birthday or to simply cheer someone up. So I grabbed a pack and got to work. Im warning you right now, this not the last time you'll be seeing these. My mind is overflowing with ideas on the different combinations that can be done.


#1. Balloon
#2. Dowel 
#3. Two to three ribbons to mix and max
#4. Fifteen minutes of your time

Step one: Blow your balloon & knot it up!

Step two: Pick your ribbon! I stuck with a two color combo and made them long enough so that I could make a knot with the middle, rather than the ends.

Step three: In order to gain control of my balloon, I decided to tape it to the dowel. Don't worry it'll be covered once you add the ribbon around it.

Step four: Tie the ribbon tight so that the balloon stand up nice & tall. I absolutely loved the way it looked once it was done, it was fun and definitely a quick surprise to give to a friend. 

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