Friday fingers // Ombre' nails

Ombre' nails are a great way to fade into things. So I thought this would be the perfect way to begin February! This mani is actually pretty easy to achieve. I must say that the hardest part when doing these, was the fact that I got a wedgie mid way. Wet nails and wedgies are a terrible mix.


#1. Base coat
#2. Revlon Bare bones 300
#3. Pink polish
#4. Make up sponge
#5. Top coat

Step one: Apply your base coat and base color. Let them dry completely. If you touch it and your finger print shows, they're not ready.

make a gif image

Step two: On a paper, apply the pink and gray polish. Then you can either mix the two colors with a toothpick or place the sponge over the two colors and slightly move the sponge up and down.

Step three: Before dabbing the sponge onto your nail make sure the pink polish is on top (I can't tell you how many times I almost did a switcharoo on accident). Then rock the sponge back and forth. If you want more of a pink hue dab the sponge onto some pink and back onto your nail.

Step five: Top coat them & done. I added a wee bit of glitter on my ring finger to give it some pizzaz. Although it can hardly be seen..

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