D.I.Y Fabric notebooks

I dont know about you, but I've always had a love for school supplies. Doesnt matter the time of the year, a new notebook or set of new inky pens just makes me the happiest. But what to do with those old left over notebooks? The old ones that have lost its shine. Well, make them brand new again!


#1. Old composition notebook

#2. Fabric. This is the perfect time to use any

left overs you have laying around

#3. Scissors

#4. Spray glue

Step one: Trim the side of the fabric you are going to use.

Step two: This is were things get messy. Spray the notebook with spray glue

but make sure you don't get it on the black portion of your notebook (black tape).
In other words only spray the pattern of the notebook.

Step three: Your going to want to work fast. Start by making sure the fabric is aligned

with the border of the notebook (black tape that holds it together). Then smooth out
the rest of the notebook, making sure all the wrinkles are pressed out.

Step four: Now that the fabric is attached to the notebook, its time to cut off the

fabric. What you need to do here is trace along the sides of the notebook.

Step five: Do the same to the other side. Wait for it to dry, and voila
you've got yourself a brand new notebook!


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