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Christmas Car

Now a days its hard to find the time to put christmas lights on the house. At least for my family, if my dad doesn't do it no one will & poor papa is always tired. So, a couple of years ago I decided to take christmas around with me. I must say ever since I started this tradition its made my holidays all the more cheerful, even without the lights on our house. I feel that a car driving around with lights is much more special and silly. I love seeing the expressions of little faces looking up at my car, adults cracking a smile, and cars honking and waving. It makes everyone so much friendlier.

Here what you'll need:
#1. A car with a rack
#2. One or two 100 count color lights
I purchased mine at Rit-Aid.

Once you plug in your adaptor connect your lights and test them out. Then look for an opening or window where you can pass the lights through. My car has a hinged window, seriously the only time I actually appreciate them.

Once your all done, you can either zip tie them so they are nice and secure. Or simply just tie the end together with the rest of the lights. Now its just time to wait for the sun to go away & light up!

Did I mention that it makes following your car so much easier? 
Your friends can spot ya a mile away. Not sure if thats a good thing though.


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