Friday fingers // Ombre' nails

Ombre' nails are a great way to fade into things. So I thought this would be the perfect way to begin February! This mani is actually pretty easy to achieve. I must say that the hardest part when doing these, was the fact that I got a wedgie mid way. Wet nails and wedgies are a terrible mix.


#1. Base coat
#2. Revlon Bare bones 300
#3. Pink polish
#4. Make up sponge
#5. Top coat

Step one: Apply your base coat and base color. Let them dry completely. If you touch it and your finger print shows, they're not ready.

make a gif image

Step two: On a paper, apply the pink and gray polish. Then you can either mix the two colors with a toothpick or place the sponge over the two colors and slightly move the sponge up and down.

Step three: Before dabbing the sponge onto your nail make sure the pink polish is on top (I can't tell you how many times I almost did a switcharoo on accident). Then rock the sponge back and forth. If you want more of a pink hue dab the sponge onto some pink and back onto your nail.

Step five: Top coat them & done. I added a wee bit of glitter on my ring finger to give it some pizzaz. Although it can hardly be seen..

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Friday fingers /// D.i.y finger fuzz

Friday is here & I couldn't be happier! The weather is finally acting its age.
Here in L.A. we'll be having a whole weekend of rain & that gets me all warm and fuzzy.
Which is why Im sharing my pink fuzzy nails today. These are my go to for a quick, fun, and 
easy manicure. You really hardly need anything for these pups! But I just want to warn
 you, they tend to get dirty pretty easily so beware. Sadly that means finger foods are a no no. 
Other than that, they are a blast to have and are totally unique!


#1. Pink velvet fuzz (crushed velvet)
You could either order it, or find it at Joann.

#2. Essie A Crewed Interest or a soft pink

#3. Tweezers

Step one: First things first, apply one coat of nail polish. Whats great
about this step is you can be as sloppy as you want since the
 pink fuzz will cover most of your errors!

Step two: This is were you'll work fast. Apply your second coat of nail polish.
Then with the tweezers apply the pink fuzz on top of the wet polish. Once
 your little pink fuzz of a mountain is sitting on top, your going to squash it 
down with your finger. Making sure you cover your whole nail.

Step three:  Once you finish, there will be alot of fuzz left over on your fingers.
To fix that your simply just going to blow it off till its nice and clean! Each and everyone of them.

& There you have it, a hand full of pink fuzzy nails!

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