D.i.y Pom Pom bookmarks

Lately I've been super stoked about returning to school in the Spring. Mostly because it'll be my last semester before I graduate! But I also love school supply shopping and preparing for the first day of school. Nothings better then a new set of pens, notebooks, or a backpack. I hate that all my school books are all starting to blend in, so I figured a pom pom organization system is the best way to go. Each color goes with a certain subject, making it easy to find in a messy backpack. This'll probably make me want to read through my books too! These of course are perfect for regular non-school actually interesting books. 

#1. White elastic 
#2. Sharp scissors 
#3. Your favorite yarn
#4. Needle & white thread (Not shown).
#5. Book 
#6. 15 minutes of your time.

Step one: Wrap the yarn around two fingers. The more times you go around the bigger your pom will be. I went about 50x, basically till my fingers turned blue.

 Step two: Cut a long piece of yarn and pass it through your fingers. Once the yarn is facing your palm,  try and make a secure tie, If you have a helping hand lying around go get him or her to do this for you (Not necessary, just convenient ).

Step three: This is what your pom pom should look like. It is tightly knotted where my fingers were, and looks like the cutest bun! 

Step four: Place your scissors inside of folded portion, and cut it up. Your pom should then look like the photo below, one terrible hair cut.

Step five: Now it's time to make your pom actually look like a pom pom. Even out all of the strings, and smooth it out as much as possible. Remember not to cut the long thread you used to tie your pom. You will need it later on.

Now its time for the elastic portion!

Step six: Wrap the white elastic around your book making sure its as stretched out as possible. Once you snip the elastic, you will then sew the two cut pieces together. I hand sewed mine vertically. 

Step seven: Tie your pom pom onto the sewn portion of the elastic. This way your hiding the stitch your made! Which means you can do a crappy job. Once you make a secure knot onto the elastic, cut off the two long threads to the size of the other threads. Place in book and your good to go!

Or try it out with your school books! Also don't forget to enter my giveaway it ends this friday!

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Friday fingers + Giveaway // Polka dot fuzz

I don't think I'll ever get tired of polka dots. They're so simple and harmless, how could anybody not be pro polka. They are my go to when I'm in a hurry, just so they're not too bare.  Last week I ordered some black fuzzzz, but I'm still searching for dark crushed velvets just because they're easier to maintain. My top searches are navy and dark burgundy. I can just imagine how rad they'd look. But for now I'll be having fun with what I got & i'll be sharing with some of you! Down low is a giveaway for two winners to get some fuzz as well as a chance to become a free sponsor for 2 months!


#1. Black nail polish
#2. Top coat
#3. Tweezers
#4. Black crushed velvet 
#5. 30 mins of your time

Step one: Paint your nails black, then apply top your top coat.

Step two: Make sure that your nails are 100% dry in order to continue onto this step. If so get your tweezers, top coat, and fuzz ready. Pour some onto a surface or small container.

Step three: Add a nice round drop of top coat onto your already coated nails. From here on your going to have to work semi fast, just so that fuzz'll stick nice and smooth. Once you apply the droplet, grab your tweezers and pick some fuzz up to apply onto your nail. Once the fuzz is on top, gentle dab it down, let it sit for 10 seconds or so. Then you can blow the residual fuzz off.

 You can either do one droplet at a time (Which is what I did for the first 4 nails or so) or if your confident enough you can apply all the droplets you want onto one nail. Then follow the same process of gentle dabbing.

I decided to go bigger with my polkas then I usually do, just because it would make the fuzz more apparent but I also mixed and matched (Added some small fuzzy balls on there). I'm really glad with the way they came out, but I've never realized how pale winter has left me! I'm going to have to cook out in the sun one of these days, Im as tan as a new born.

Enter the raffle below to get your own set of fuzz as well as two months of free sponsor space located on the right. Happy friday!

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D.i.y Balloon on a stick

I've never really cared for those tiny silver balloon sticks that you buy at the market. Its probably because I like the way plastic balloons look. So I thought I would do a mixture of those balloons topped off with some ribbon. While shopping for balloons I ran into these fun smiley faced ones that I imagined would work perfectly for a birthday or to simply cheer someone up. So I grabbed a pack and got to work. Im warning you right now, this not the last time you'll be seeing these. My mind is overflowing with ideas on the different combinations that can be done.


#1. Balloon
#2. Dowel 
#3. Two to three ribbons to mix and max
#4. Fifteen minutes of your time

Step one: Blow your balloon & knot it up!

Step two: Pick your ribbon! I stuck with a two color combo and made them long enough so that I could make a knot with the middle, rather than the ends.

Step three: In order to gain control of my balloon, I decided to tape it to the dowel. Don't worry it'll be covered once you add the ribbon around it.

Step four: Tie the ribbon tight so that the balloon stand up nice & tall. I absolutely loved the way it looked once it was done, it was fun and definitely a quick surprise to give to a friend. 

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Friday Fingers // Gold leaf nails

I absolutely love gold leaf. It turns anything and everything fancy & shiny! But lately I've been curious to use it on my nails. Turns out it is one of the easiest manicure's I have encountered. Add this to your lazy lady's guide of fast & fancy manicures because those gold sheets will last you forever. The best part is all the color combinations you could do. For New Year's sake I did Black & Gold but I will def. try some rose gold!


#1. Gold leaf. 
You could purchase this from any craft store or online.
#2. Black nail polish
#3. Top coat
#4. 30 mins of your time

Step one: Paint your nails black, or any color that will let the gold pop!

Step two: Now is the time to add the gold leaf. Make sure your nails are dry, but in that stage where its still kind of sticky. I recommend lightly touching your pinky nail for this. Then dab the sheet over your nail. Do this until you get the desired pattern.

Step three: Add top coat & your done!


D.i.y Felt Gift Bow

Happy christmas eve! Can not believe christmas is almost over. To be honest it didn't really feel too christmasy this year, I know school had a lot to do with that as well as running around all the time. So to save time I thought I would make gift wrapping easy with these felt gift bows. They are a perfect way to top any small package. But I must say my favorite is wrapping one around a wine, and the best part is you can use these all year round. I make enough to save me throughout the whole year. That way when a birthday or special event comes up and I have nothing to give, I grab me one of these, head to the market & done. Oh and they are totally reusable!


#1. Glue gun
#2. Glue sticks 
#3. Scissors
#4. Ruler 
#5. Felt
#6. 20 mins of your time

Step one: Choose the type of felt you'd like to use.

Step two: Use these measurements for length and width.  I was to lazy to cut each strip so I just guesstimated.

Step three: Glue each strip into criss cross ribbons (similar to breast cancer awareness ones).
& leave that little piece shown below alone. You'll use it later.

Step four: Pile longest ribbons on the bottom (3 of them) and so on. 
3 strips, 10 1/2" x 3/4"
3 strips, 9 1/2" x 3/4"
2 strips, 8 1/2" x 3/4"
1 strip, 3 1/2" x 3/4" 

Step five: Now its time to use that small strip and form a circle. This will go on the top of the pile of ribbons.

I made a burgundy one as well!

I also decided to add elastic to tie around a bottle of wine for a quick gift wrap!

Just hot glue the elastic to the bottom of the bow, then glue a piece of felt to secure it. 

Or turn it into a pin! Perfect for holiday parties or simply to be festive.

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