D.i.y Friendship pencils

Friends rule & so do threaded bracelets. I use to rock em all the time, but they were so restricting. If I had to dress up I'd have to take them with me. So I figured adding some colorful embroidery thread would give me that summery feel with out that bracelet tan. Not only that but how sweet would these be to gift? An alternative to giving out those time consuming bracelets. 


#1. Set of pencils
#2. Craft thread / embroidery
#3. Scissors 
#4. 10 minutes of your time

Step one: Choose 3 or four colors 

pictures to animation

Step two: Create a loop and slide onto the pencil. Next with the thread attached to the rest of the bunch, create the same loop and pull up to tighten (loop it under and back through the opening). Repeat until desired length.

Step three: Grab your next color of choice and begin of with the same starter knot. Then follow step twos loop sequence creating 5 knots.

Step four: Cut off the string from your first thread, and second (orange and magenta). Continue loop knotting with your second thread (magenta) until both cut strings are covered. Do steps 3-4 for each color of thread you add.

Step five: When ending your friendship pencil make a tight knot as close to the pencil as possible. Then create another one to secure it. Cut the thread & done!

Mix up your colors the more the better! Now you can have summer camp in your hands!
Also you could slide your design down and use it a finger grip! However I like it better as a topper.

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A few lovely back to school links!

Although its technically not back to school season for everyone, I still wanted to share some treasures for those returning in the spring! I sometimes wish teachers would hand out a supply list rather than just books we need to order. They need to up their school game, make it a little brighter & fun. Meanwhile these links will have to do! For all you lucky's done with school, these links are also perfect for organizing your books and spiffying up your supplies!
 p.s. my giveaway is still going, so sign up ladies & gents.

(Links are down low)

#1. A super sweet design to get your things done!
#2. Quick & easy washi tape pencils.
#3. Dont forget your bookplates!
#4. Fill in the blanks with these bookplates.
#5. Sew your own pencil case for your pencils!
#6. Puuuurfect bookmarks & plates for all you kitty lovers.

(Not shown)

#7. My cheery pom pom bookmarks.
#8. My fabric notebook d.i.y.

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