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A few lovely home links

Moving out is always on my mind & looking at blogs never helps that fever. There are so many things you can do when you have your own space and I think thats what gets me so giddy about it. I wait for the day I'll be able to come home to hand made projects and mixed matched art. For now I will just keep admiring and saving away!

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#1. dyeing over these dip dyed pillows
#2. Revamping that rubber
#3. All over this ombre pennant lamp
#4. Roll in with this neon shelf
#5. A-frame wine rack
#6. All gold evvverything coasters

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A few lovely back to school links!

Although its technically not back to school season for everyone, I still wanted to share some treasures for those returning in the spring! I sometimes wish teachers would hand out a supply list rather than just books we need to order. They need to up their school game, make it a little brighter & fun. Meanwhile these links will have to do! For all you lucky's done with school, these links are also perfect for organizing your books and spiffying up your supplies!
 p.s. my giveaway is still going, so sign up ladies & gents.

(Links are down low)

#1. A super sweet design to get your things done!
#2. Quick & easy washi tape pencils.
#3. Dont forget your bookplates!
#4. Fill in the blanks with these bookplates.
#5. Sew your own pencil case for your pencils!
#6. Puuuurfect bookmarks & plates for all you kitty lovers.

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#7. My cheery pom pom bookmarks.
#8. My fabric notebook d.i.y.

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A few lovely jar links

I absolutely jars. They make anything simply better! The best part is they are affordable & there are so many things that can be done with them. Here are a few links that I've kept my eye on & hope to eventually do. Please share if you have some too!

#1. Sweet fabric lite jars.
#2. Handy super dandy mason matches.
#3. All in one sewing kit.
#4. Pumping soap in a jar.
#5. Simple melted jar candles.
#6. Glittered bottoms.
#7. Organize your herbs dis way.
#8. Explosive smores cake.
#9. Sippin your jar.

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A few lovely 2013 printable calendars

The new year is approaching and theres nothing I love more than calendars. Wait let me rephrase that, FREE calendars. Something about them just make me feel instantly prepared and organized. Here I've gathered six of my favorite calendars, one of which will organize all those birthdays, and some that are totally giftable. Enjoy!

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#1. A splendid geometric way to view 2013.
#2. This ones aztecular!
#3 Have yourself a sweet year.
#4. Choose me for an inspirational year!
#5. Year round chalkboard calendar.
#6. Get your birthdays straight.

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A few lovely label & packing links

I can not believe christmas is less than two weeks away! The only thing I have set are what gift tags and toppings I want to use. Other than that I am a mess. Also I would like to mention that today is the last repetitive day we will ever see. So happy 12/12/12 to all! Does any body have any crazy plans for the day? I wish I did, I got finals up the ying yang.

(All links are posted below low)

#1. Not so naughty Christmas gift label.
#2. Christmas cookie labels for santa!
#3. Teeny tiny boxes.
#4. Easy peasy gift bags for any time of the year.
#5. Printables for a dark xmas.
#6. Big ol POM POM toppings.

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