Friday Fingers // Gold leaf nails

I absolutely love gold leaf. It turns anything and everything fancy & shiny! But lately I've been curious to use it on my nails. Turns out it is one of the easiest manicure's I have encountered. Add this to your lazy lady's guide of fast & fancy manicures because those gold sheets will last you forever. The best part is all the color combinations you could do. For New Year's sake I did Black & Gold but I will def. try some rose gold!


#1. Gold leaf. 
You could purchase this from any craft store or online.
#2. Black nail polish
#3. Top coat
#4. 30 mins of your time

Step one: Paint your nails black, or any color that will let the gold pop!

Step two: Now is the time to add the gold leaf. Make sure your nails are dry, but in that stage where its still kind of sticky. I recommend lightly touching your pinky nail for this. Then dab the sheet over your nail. Do this until you get the desired pattern.

Step three: Add top coat & your done!


Friday fingers /// D.i.y Strawberry nails

I know summer time is over, but I still like to have it at my finger tips. It makes the gloomy days brighter! Plus I just couldn't wait, the second the idea poped in my head I had to leap for it. For those of you that decide to try these delicious strawberrys, I just want to warn all you nail biting lip pickers to hold back on picking the seeds off. At first it feels glorious but then you'll look at what you've done and regret it. I don't recommend it.    


#1. Top coat
#2. Green striper nail polish
#3. Red nail polish
#4. Gold microbeads
#5. Metal tool similar to toothpick
#6. Nail glue
#7. And 35 minutes of your time

Step one: Paint your nails with a red polish. I did two coats on mine.

Step two: With your striper green nail polish make stripes from down to up. Make some longer than others, as strawberry leaves aren't even. Which means you don't have to make them perfect!

Step three: Once you finish adding the leaves to all your nails begin to add your seeds! For this step you will need gold micro beads, nail glue, and a metal tool. Originally I used a tooth pick but the wood just absorbed the glue. 

Step four: Add a drop of nail glue onto a plastic surface. I used the lid of the nail glue and worked off there (p.s. this is still technically step three). First you will add small drops of glue where you'd like the seeds to be (In the photo above I place the dots of glue on my ring finger). Once the glue is on there begin to pick up the micro beads with the dotting tool. What makes this step easy is picking at the super glue first, that way the seeds latch on. Then apply one seed at a time! Continue this step until all your nails are done. **Remember you need to do this one nail at a time.

Step five: Once the nail glue is dry, you may now add your top coat.

Happy friday!

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