October 2012

Finger Friday! D.I.Y Green Gooze

Halloween is leaving us so quickly! In fact this will be my last halloween nail tutorial.
This small nail project has been keeping me festive all month long, and i hope it has for
some of you as well. I thought I'd ask my boyfriend if he had any ideas to share with me
& yada yada yada I took it into consideration.


1. Black nail polish

2. Green nail polish

3. Toothpick or dotting tool

4. Top coat

Step one:
After painting your nails black (& making sure they are dry)

 you can then add 3 green dots. Make sure they are some what uneven. 
Step two: Begin working upwards, almost as if you are coloring
 in your nails and making sure you stay within the green dots
 you created in step one.

Step three: Make sure you fill in all the sides. Do steps 1-3 on each nail. & if you
want to give it a little bit more effect you can add a small green dot below the design. 

Step four: Add top coat to all your nails and your done!


Boo Bags

I believe piñatas work for any holiday. I mean who doesn't love a bag full of treats? 
Even better yet, a tree full of these. I keep dreaming about hanging them up for a halloween party. Wouldn't that be the sweetest? I would even love to put them up for the trick or treaters that pass by, but we all know they wouldn't just take one.

1. Brown paper bag
2. Three sheets of orange construction paper

3. One sheet of black construction paper

4. Glue

5. Scissors 

6. Pencil

7. Green/Brown string or yarn

8. Candy (not shown in image)

9. Confetti/ Streamers (not shown in image)

Step one: Cut up orange strips that match the same size width of your brown bag
Step two: Fringe your strips!
Step three: Cover up that baggie!
Step four: Put a face on it!
Make it silly, make it scary, whatever you please.
 Grab the black construction paper, pencil and scissors. Draw out your design then cut it out 
Step five: Glue it onto your pumpkin bag 
Step six: STUFF IT. 
Step seven: Close your pumpkin up by folding the top three times.

 Then you need to add the stem, and you do this by stapling it in the middle
& your done! You can hang it, gift it, or just... keep it for yourself.

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Rainbow bread

Isn't this the most fantastic bread you've ever seen? I just can't get over it. If I was a kid and my mom made me sandwiches like this to take to school, I'd easily be thee coolest kid ever. & how fun would it be to actually make this bread at home!? I might give it a try one of these days. 

For my first rainbow sandwich I thought I would try something sweet and chocolatey. Mainly because I just can't imagine eating anything serious with it. A roast beef sandwich with havarti cheese? Too out of this world for me. Maybe by sandwich two ill be ready.

Friday Fingers // D.I.Y eyeball nails

Staying in passing out candy this year? 
Dressing up as some kind of dead zombie?
Or just feeling festive? (That's me)

Then I think these'll do the trick. 


1. Black nail polish
2. Red striper nail polish (veins)
3. Blue nail polish 
4. White nail polish 
5. Top coat
6. Dotting tool

1. Paint it white.
2. Dot it blue with the wand of your blue polish.
3. Use your red striper brush and paint Y's around the eyeball.
4. Add a black dot in the center 
5. Add a white dot towards the top of the black to give the eye a glare.
6. Top coat it and your done!

Happy friday!
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Friday fingers // D.I.Y Candy Corn nails

I woke up feeling quite corny this morning, from my fingers to my toes. 
I can't believe how close halloween is getting. There is so much that 
needs to be done, and Im not the slightest bit ready! Well, 10 fingers ready.


D.I.Y balloon birthday card

I dont know about you, but I'm completely head over heels for balloons. I'm the kind of girl that prefers balloons over flowers... I know... I know.  Not much of a girl am I. But they're just so fun and happy. When have you seen someone sad with a balloon on a string? Exactly. What I love most about this card, aside that it has a balloon on it, and that its a perfect way to share germs. Is that the birthday girl/boy has to blow it up in order to clearly read their message. In other words, it's got fun written all over it. 


#1. One regular sized balloon
#2. Tape
#3. Card and envelope. I purchased these at target in the
 stationary section. Totally legitimizes a card // Or download my template!
#4. Pen
#5. Black marker

Step one: Once you pick what color balloon you want to use, blow it up! I would say not to big.

Step two: What you have to do now is hold it at a good angle so that you can write on it without releasing air. This part can get kind of tricky, and uses lots of wrist muscles.

Step three: Once you finish writing your birthday message, wait a minute or two so that it can completely dry. Then slowly release the air and set aside for 6 mins. This is the fun part. Your huge message has now shrunk into the tiniest writing possible!

Step four: As you wait for the balloon to dry, you can begin to write your message. I wrote "GETTING OLD BLOWS". The other one I like to use is "BLOW ME". That one always cracks a smile!

Step five: When your balloon is completely dry, close your card and place a piece of tape that is formed into a loop or double sided tape. Place a pen inside the balloon and move it around, to make sure you get your balloon nice and stuck.

There you have it a simple & sweet birthday card!

Oh, and be careful not to write to hard. You'll get the scare of your life. & If you decide to make one I would love to hear of some other phrases that you wrote, so please do share!


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