D.i.y emergency kit

Im the type of person that likes to have everything with me, you know... just in case. But throwing everything into my purse isn't very practical, especially when I need it. Everything just gets lost in the mess and I end up having to jiggle my junk out (I hope that made somebody giggle). In other words, complete waste of time. So I decided to make an emergency kit for my personal belongings. 

In my kit I carry
1.Boscia blotting wipes, which is a quick fix to an oily face.
2. Burt's bee's Chapstick
3. NARS new lover lip pencil, to give me a nice reddish hue on the go.
4. Bliss hand cream, which smells absolutely lovely! 
5. A small drawstring bag which I carry my ahem things.. girly things. 
Which I must say is the reason I have an emergency kit to begin with.
6. Some gum, which is always a must.
7. Two hair ties for a quick bun.
8. A small pair of portable scissors. As weird as it is to carry these around, 
you will not regret it. Or at least I don't. I find myself needing scissors quite 
often when im not home.


#1. Two pieces of canvas cut the the size you'd like your kit to be.
 Remember to add 1/2 extra on each side (seam allowance)

#2. Pins to hold fabric in place

#3. One zipper that measures the size of your pouch.
 I made mine according to the size of the zipper.

#4. Red fabric paint

#5. Fabric pen. Totally optional, I use it because
it makes my life easier.

#6. scissors

Step one: Paint your red cross on your already cut piece of canvas.
 Now its time to play the waiting game. Continue onto step two when dry.

Step two: Pin the fabric down to the zipper and
 hand sew, or use the sewing machine. 

Step three: Place the two fabrics together and sew the sides and bottom.
 Make sure your pattern is sandwiched between the two fabrics. In other 
words the part you want to be outside should be inside when sewing.

Step four: Reverse your already sewed pouch

Step five: Stuff it with your belongings! 

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