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These past two weeks have been more hectic than usual. I've been dealing with grad school applications, which is really killing my printer. But its been both exciting and nerve wrecking. All I can say is, I can't wait for it to be over and done with! Today seriously better not be the end for us because my work needs to pay off. Anyways believe it or not stress leads me to painting my nails, and this week I feeling a bit katty (Ikat to be exact). I've done this tutorial before but my instructions weren't just right so redoing it was a must. 


#1. Teal nail polish
#2. Bright orange striper brush
#3. White nail art pen
#4. Black nail art pen
#5. Top coat
#6. 25 mins of your time

Step one: Paint your nails with your teal polish. Then let it dry.

Step two: Paint some chunky splotchy dots with your orange striper brush.

Step three: Once your orange droplets are dry, top them with some white polish. To be honest, I even love the way this pattern looks. Simple but vibrant!

Step four: Add a black dot to each of your dots. They should look like eyeballs at this point. Remember to make sure your polish is dry as you take the next step.

Step five: This is the tricky part. With your black nail art polish you will now outline your orange eye pattern. Now when you do this you will make a jagged like pattern around it. Perfection is not the key here. Lastly top coat them up & done!


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D.I.Y Ikat nails!

Oh the ever so sweet ikat print! These have got to be one of my favorite nail designs out there, and they're relatively easy! all you need is a wee bit of patience.

#1. start with your base color (sally hansen mint sorbet OR orly gum drop)
#2. apply orange splotches. Make sure that it drys!
#3. Add white in the middle of those orange blobs. Your basically going to be layering at this point.
#4. Outline the blobs with a black nail polish or polish pen. Make some parts a bit jagged to give it that Ikat effect.
#5. When you feel that its dry, you can finally add the "Eye" to your design.
#6. Add a wonderful top coat. and Voila!

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