February 2013

D.i.y printable little mail

Lately I've been sending out a lot of mail, specifically Etsy mail. Because of that I've made various trips to the post office. As I waited in line I thought to myself "Whats the smallest letter that can be mailed?". I immediately googled it, and sadly its about the size of a postcard. Obviously that wasn't silly enough for me, so I decided to use these air mail envelopes by Ruffled & these beautiful european printable stamps by Uppercase. I wish the post office still sold stamps this pretty, but then again I would probably never want to use them.


#1. Glue
#2. Print out these air mail envelopeby Ruffled & scale it to 50%
#3. Print out these stamps by Uppercase & scale them to 25%
#4. Scissors
#5. Pen
#6. 10 minutes of your time
#7. & This of course!

Step one: After printing out and cutting the envelope and stamps, choose one of the stamps and glue it onto the corner. Then address your letter!

Step two: With the leftover scraps from the envelope, cut out a small rectangle to write your note.

Step three: Place your letter inside and close it up. Do so by gluing the sides, be careful not to glue your letter onto the envelope.

Now isn't that the smallest letter you've ever seen? I absolutely love it,  if I was still in High School I would definitely pass my notes around like this. I'm sending my letter off to my favorite boy, French fry. I call him that because I love me some french fries, but he's still much better than those tasty treats. I'm thinking that my next letter will go to my best friend in San francisco. I have two friends in San Francisco, I'm thinking of mailing a letter with one of these inside so that she can place it in my best friends mailbox. I'm sure it will completely throw him off. ** Remember these letter's have to be hand delivered because well... it ain't gonna go anywhere if you place it in the mail box.

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Friday fingers // distressed denim

Navy is one of my favorite colors, its simple and never lets you down, even when your feeling blue. For this weeks friday fingers I thought I'd go casual and do acid denim nails. Let me just say this is way easier than bleaching a vest, or for that matter bleaching anything. Nothing beats going the easy way out.


#1. Navy nail polish 
#2. White nail polish
#3. Top coat
#4. Q-tips
#5. Acetone - not shown
#6. 20 minutes of your time
#7. & this of course

Step one: Once you've applied your base coat coat, apply the navy polish.

Step two: After waiting for your navy polish to dry, apply the white nail polish on the nails you'd like to have the acid wash look. I personally like the look of two denim nailsrather than all of them.

Step three:  Once the white coat is completely dry, dip aq-tip into acetone and softly rub areas of the white polish. If you end uprubing to hard you’ll go through both layers of polish. ** I used about threeq-tips for two nails because the white polish gathered and made it moredifficult to get a clean look.

Step four: Apply top coat and done! I decided to pizzaz it a little and added some charms from our Hex Etsy account!

Happy casual friday! 
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