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Friday fingers // distressed denim

Navy is one of my favorite colors, its simple and never lets you down, even when your feeling blue. For this weeks friday fingers I thought I'd go casual and do acid denim nails. Let me just say this is way easier than bleaching a vest, or for that matter bleaching anything. Nothing beats going the easy way out.


#1. Navy nail polish 
#2. White nail polish
#3. Top coat
#4. Q-tips
#5. Acetone - not shown
#6. 20 minutes of your time
#7. & this of course

Step one: Once you've applied your base coat coat, apply the navy polish.

Step two: After waiting for your navy polish to dry, apply the white nail polish on the nails you'd like to have the acid wash look. I personally like the look of two denim nailsrather than all of them.

Step three:  Once the white coat is completely dry, dip aq-tip into acetone and softly rub areas of the white polish. If you end uprubing to hard you’ll go through both layers of polish. ** I used about threeq-tips for two nails because the white polish gathered and made it moredifficult to get a clean look.

Step four: Apply top coat and done! I decided to pizzaz it a little and added some charms from our Hex Etsy account!

Happy casual friday! 
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Friday fingers // HEX nail jewelry

I've been keeping a little secret from all of you, but now that the cat is out of the bag I'm ready to share! Last week I was given an amazing opportunity to start an Etsy shop with my sissy. I can not express how exciting this has all been. I've been like a kid at a candy shop with all these 14K Gold/Silver plated  charms. We've only got a few up on our Etsy shop but will continue to add more through the months, holidays, and seasons so keep your eyes peeled my friends. Also for those of you interested in the little jems we will be giving away a charm to the first 50 purchases! 

Love struck is our Valentines day collection. I absolutely love cupids arrow and our four of hearts (bottom right).

Out of all of our collections I must say that "talk to the hand" has got to be my favorite. They are so sassy & fun! I can't wait to share the rest of our collections with you all! In the mean time take a peak, and click here.

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