ice cubes

D.i.y Ice balls

About a couple of days ago, I ran into these rad sphere ice cubes. I immediately fell hard. But the idea of waiting for the mail man didn't settle well with me. So instead I thought id make my own. Theres just something about these that put a huge smile on my face. My mind just cant stop thinking of all the possibilities. I mean how amazing would a huge metal beverage tin filled with these be?? So much funner than regular ol ice cubes. Or even a glass of whiskey on the "rock"I would drink that all up. This was my first batch, but most certainly not my last. Im pretty sure Im going to have these in my freezer on a daily basis. Such a simple way to put a smile on your face, at least for me that is.

Step one: Get yourself some regular sized balloons. If you use water balloons 
they're more likely to pop in the freezer because they're thinner.

Step two: Fill up the balloons! I used my filtered water 
faucet since the spout is thin and well... filtered.

Step three: Place your tied up water balloons into the freezer. Give them 6 hours
 or so to completely freeze. Don't make the mistake of checking and
 poking them every hour. I couldn't wait & ended up popping one of them.

Step four: Cut the plastic off your ice cubes, pour into a glass or pitcher and serve!
Next time I will be sure to add some mint or slices of citrus!
As for now delicious cucumber water will do.


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