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Valentine's day flyer freebie!

Last year I stumbled upon Amanda's free compliment's flyer & absolutely loved the idea. I printed them out and shared them on the streets. I must say my favorite part was sitting down and watching people's reactions to it. Some would look at the sign and walk away, while others returned to rip a note off. I thought It would be sweet to take these flyers to the streets again. However this time I made my own version specifically for Valentines day! I'll be printing these out and posting them around all day tomorrow. If you click below on the bar you can download the free template shown & for those of you that don't fancy what I wrote I also made blank ones that you could fill out yourself.  Just cut up the dashed lines and staple, tape, or hang up!

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D.i.y Valentines day balloon card

Valentine's day is coming way to fast & even though I've prepared for it. I feel completely unprepared and lazy to do anything about it. I prefer hand making my cards than purchasing them. I feel the process is way funner than hunting for a card that last minute thats both personal and clever. The majority of the times I end up just grabbing any ol thing and just convince myself its the best thing ever. Well not this time.  

#1. One of the downloadable templates below

#2. Heart balloon
#3. Double sided tape

Step one: After cutting the card and folding it in half, place the heart balloon on top, and secure with double sided tape. You can either leave the balloon as is or blow it up and write a message for your loved one!

These heart balloons were a blast to play with. They look like kitties when I started blowing them up. I was so tempted to draw little faces on them but then I'd ruin the purpose of these templates. Any who head on over to Borondyspurpleplanet to enter her lovely valentines day giveaway! 

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D.i.y Heart surprise ball

Oh yes, here I go again with the surprise balls. I can't help it they're just so fun! My first attempt was a little eggy and awkward shaped but it still created some amazing smiles. Some of you know that I'm completely in love with snail mail. It's one of the few simple things that are so thoughtful. This year I'll be sending my love via heart surprises!


#1. One red streamer
#2. About six or so goodies
#3. Tape (not shown)
#4. paper (not shown)
#5. Scissors (not shown)
#6. 15 minutes of your time

Step one: Start by rolling in your first item.

Step two: Followed by your second. What you will do from now is move the streamer in a V formation.


Step three: I found that placing the treats at the point of the heart made it easier to get the shape I wanted. If the top needs more volume then add it there.

Step four: In order to make sure you get that heart shape, twist the streamer and give that heart a wedgie. I did this a good three times or so. 

Step five: Cut the streamer and tape to secure.

Step six: Make an arrow to send it off with a message!

Step seven: place the two pieces between the streamer.

Once I finished up all of my hearts, I plan on placing them in a box, and sending them off. I think it would be sweet to find a box sitting outside with one of these. dont you?

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Printable Valentines day cookie labels

One of my favorite things about Valentines day and really any holiday are all the sweets I get to eat. One of which are chocolate chip cookies, the ooey gooey kind that just melt at a glance. I made four labels to share with my favorite people & all of you! Down low I provided a link to the template. Enjoy!


#1. Four deliciously chocolate oatmeal cookies
#2. Plastic candy bags
#4. Tape (not shown)

gif creator

Step one: After cutting up the labels, place the cookie in the plastic candy bag with label. Then fold over and seal with a piece of tape.

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