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A free weekly printable plan!

Hello all & Happy new year! Sorry for my absence this week, I was in the beautiful San Francisco helping my best friend move. Some of you already knew that, via instagram. Any who I hope all of your festivities were fantastic! As for me its time to start the year off productively. I decided to try something new this year. I have no idea why but every year when I start a new planner I quit half way, seriously it never fails. This year to avoid that, I'm going to print out a months worth of my weekly planner pages. Im hoping it will motivate me to accomplish more of my bucketlist items. Last year I started a five year bucketlist & have accomplished 7 of 30. Nothing crazy, but its something. I figured if I gave myself a reasonable time frame I would get more done and be motivated, rather than making it a list before I die. Below is a download to my pdf that I hope you will all enjoy! & down lower is a list of my completed goals as well as those I hope to knock out!


A few lovely 2013 printable calendars

The new year is approaching and theres nothing I love more than calendars. Wait let me rephrase that, FREE calendars. Something about them just make me feel instantly prepared and organized. Here I've gathered six of my favorite calendars, one of which will organize all those birthdays, and some that are totally giftable. Enjoy!

(Links are down low)

#1. A splendid geometric way to view 2013.
#2. This ones aztecular!
#3 Have yourself a sweet year.
#4. Choose me for an inspirational year!
#5. Year round chalkboard calendar.
#6. Get your birthdays straight.

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