D.i.y Balloon on a stick

I've never really cared for those tiny silver balloon sticks that you buy at the market. Its probably because I like the way plastic balloons look. So I thought I would do a mixture of those balloons topped off with some ribbon. While shopping for balloons I ran into these fun smiley faced ones that I imagined would work perfectly for a birthday or to simply cheer someone up. So I grabbed a pack and got to work. Im warning you right now, this not the last time you'll be seeing these. My mind is overflowing with ideas on the different combinations that can be done.


#1. Balloon
#2. Dowel 
#3. Two to three ribbons to mix and max
#4. Fifteen minutes of your time

Step one: Blow your balloon & knot it up!

Step two: Pick your ribbon! I stuck with a two color combo and made them long enough so that I could make a knot with the middle, rather than the ends.

Step three: In order to gain control of my balloon, I decided to tape it to the dowel. Don't worry it'll be covered once you add the ribbon around it.

Step four: Tie the ribbon tight so that the balloon stand up nice & tall. I absolutely loved the way it looked once it was done, it was fun and definitely a quick surprise to give to a friend. 

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A few lovely 2013 printable calendars

The new year is approaching and theres nothing I love more than calendars. Wait let me rephrase that, FREE calendars. Something about them just make me feel instantly prepared and organized. Here I've gathered six of my favorite calendars, one of which will organize all those birthdays, and some that are totally giftable. Enjoy!

(Links are down low)

#1. A splendid geometric way to view 2013.
#2. This ones aztecular!
#3 Have yourself a sweet year.
#4. Choose me for an inspirational year!
#5. Year round chalkboard calendar.
#6. Get your birthdays straight.

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D.i.y Surprise ball

I love small and simple things; getting mail, high fives, making the yellow light and of course surprises. Ever since I ran into these surprise balls I've been hooked. I love that its packed with small meaningless items that mean everything in the world to you when you unravel them. The best part is how inexpensive they are to make! This particular bundle came out to $3 & all from party sections. Ah but the best best part is watching the reactions as they are being unravelled, its the sweetest thing.


#1. One streamer roll
#2. Eight or so simple/small goodies
#3. One sweeet sticker

Step one: Unravel your streamer and start with your first goodie!

Step two: Once you've wrapped up the first idem nice and tight, then
you move on to your second, then third, and so on.

Step three: Once all your items are wrapped into a ball, its time to 
add your special sticker to hold it all in place. There you have it, a small treat to give to a special someone. Its even perfect as a small stocking stuffer. 


D.i.y Ice balls

About a couple of days ago, I ran into these rad sphere ice cubes. I immediately fell hard. But the idea of waiting for the mail man didn't settle well with me. So instead I thought id make my own. Theres just something about these that put a huge smile on my face. My mind just cant stop thinking of all the possibilities. I mean how amazing would a huge metal beverage tin filled with these be?? So much funner than regular ol ice cubes. Or even a glass of whiskey on the "rock"I would drink that all up. This was my first batch, but most certainly not my last. Im pretty sure Im going to have these in my freezer on a daily basis. Such a simple way to put a smile on your face, at least for me that is.

Step one: Get yourself some regular sized balloons. If you use water balloons 
they're more likely to pop in the freezer because they're thinner.

Step two: Fill up the balloons! I used my filtered water 
faucet since the spout is thin and well... filtered.

Step three: Place your tied up water balloons into the freezer. Give them 6 hours
 or so to completely freeze. Don't make the mistake of checking and
 poking them every hour. I couldn't wait & ended up popping one of them.

Step four: Cut the plastic off your ice cubes, pour into a glass or pitcher and serve!
Next time I will be sure to add some mint or slices of citrus!
As for now delicious cucumber water will do.


D.i.y pizza cookie

There are many things I enjoy in this world. Two of which are chocolate 
and pizza. So I thought I'd combine the two! Plus Im personally not a cake person.
 Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful I just prefer the taste of a warm cookie or brownie. 

Naturally (for me) this the perfect alternative & would be a blast to do with kids. This particular pie was for a birthday girl, whom was pleasantly surprised to see a huge cookie in a pizza box! Now if your thinking this is just too much chocolate, you can easily substitute the nutella for some strawberry/raspberry preserves. I actually kept fighting with myself on what to use for the "pizza sauce". I knew some sort of fruit preserve would look much more like a pizza, but my sweet tooth couldn't deny nutella. 


#1. Two packets of chocolate chip cookie dough

#2. Nutella

#3. Four mini packets of M&Ms 

#4. Shaved coconut

Step one: Let your two packets of cookie dough thaw, that you can easily 
form a ball with the dough.

Step two: Spread your cookie dough on a pizza pan (I added grease, but 
its not necessary). Don't forget to create a "crust" around the edges 
when kneading the dough. When your ready to place it in the oven make 
sure you follow the cookie dough instructions. When you remove the 
pizza from the oven let it cool for about 20 minutes or until the dough has cooled. 

Step three: Spread nutella in a circular motion. 
Make sure to leave an inch around without nutella.

Step four: Now is the time to make your pizza slices. If you wait till
the end the cookie will harden, making it impossible to cut the cookie
without breaking it.

Step five: Add your pepperoni (Chocolate M&Ms). I tried to make sure each slice had 
a mixture of colors and kept the doubles to a minimum.

Step six: Add the cheese (shredded coconut)! This was my favorite part. 
I loved spreading the cheese just like I would for a pizza.

Step seven: & now for the Pièce de résistance. 
             A pizza box for your pizza cookie!

Step eight: Deliver your pizza pie to a special friend! 
            Or have yourself a pizza night with a side of ice cream!

D.I.Y balloon birthday card

I dont know about you, but I'm completely head over heels for balloons. I'm the kind of girl that prefers balloons over flowers... I know... I know.  Not much of a girl am I. But they're just so fun and happy. When have you seen someone sad with a balloon on a string? Exactly. What I love most about this card, aside that it has a balloon on it, and that its a perfect way to share germs. Is that the birthday girl/boy has to blow it up in order to clearly read their message. In other words, it's got fun written all over it. 


#1. One regular sized balloon
#2. Tape
#3. Card and envelope. I purchased these at target in the
 stationary section. Totally legitimizes a card // Or download my template!
#4. Pen
#5. Black marker

Step one: Once you pick what color balloon you want to use, blow it up! I would say not to big.

Step two: What you have to do now is hold it at a good angle so that you can write on it without releasing air. This part can get kind of tricky, and uses lots of wrist muscles.

Step three: Once you finish writing your birthday message, wait a minute or two so that it can completely dry. Then slowly release the air and set aside for 6 mins. This is the fun part. Your huge message has now shrunk into the tiniest writing possible!

Step four: As you wait for the balloon to dry, you can begin to write your message. I wrote "GETTING OLD BLOWS". The other one I like to use is "BLOW ME". That one always cracks a smile!

Step five: When your balloon is completely dry, close your card and place a piece of tape that is formed into a loop or double sided tape. Place a pen inside the balloon and move it around, to make sure you get your balloon nice and stuck.

There you have it a simple & sweet birthday card!

Oh, and be careful not to write to hard. You'll get the scare of your life. & If you decide to make one I would love to hear of some other phrases that you wrote, so please do share!


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