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Friday Fingers // Gold leaf nails

I absolutely love gold leaf. It turns anything and everything fancy & shiny! But lately I've been curious to use it on my nails. Turns out it is one of the easiest manicure's I have encountered. Add this to your lazy lady's guide of fast & fancy manicures because those gold sheets will last you forever. The best part is all the color combinations you could do. For New Year's sake I did Black & Gold but I will def. try some rose gold!


#1. Gold leaf. 
You could purchase this from any craft store or online.
#2. Black nail polish
#3. Top coat
#4. 30 mins of your time

Step one: Paint your nails black, or any color that will let the gold pop!

Step two: Now is the time to add the gold leaf. Make sure your nails are dry, but in that stage where its still kind of sticky. I recommend lightly touching your pinky nail for this. Then dab the sheet over your nail. Do this until you get the desired pattern.

Step three: Add top coat & your done!


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