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Friday fingers // Ice cream nails

There’s something special about things with lots of detail. I try to add that to my nail art but in the simplest way possible. I think these ice cream nails are probably one of the easiest manis I’ve done that looks like it took me hours. Beware though, your going to one to pick off these little beads every second they’re still holding on. They’re the cutest curse out there.


#1. Base coat - Not shown
#2. Lillac lavender - Sally hanson 
#3. White polish or pen polish
#4. Caviar beads
#5. Nail glue
#6. Top coat - Not shown
#7. 30 minutes of your time

Step one: Apply your lavender polish. Then let them dry for 8 minutes or so.

Step two: Apply white dots where you would like the drip effect to end. Then move upward with your Pen polish and connect the dots. Do this step to all the fingers you want to be screaming with cream.

This is what your nails should look like when your done.

Step three: This is the fun part! Mix together the caviar colors you'd like to use for your sprinkles. Once you've gathered the perfect combo, apply nail glue and sprinkle on top. 

Step four: Seal the deal with a top coat & done! I added some charms from my sister and I's Etsy. One of them is an ice cream, and the other says "Good".

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Finger Friday! D.I.Y Green Gooze

Halloween is leaving us so quickly! In fact this will be my last halloween nail tutorial.
This small nail project has been keeping me festive all month long, and i hope it has for
some of you as well. I thought I'd ask my boyfriend if he had any ideas to share with me
& yada yada yada I took it into consideration.


1. Black nail polish

2. Green nail polish

3. Toothpick or dotting tool

4. Top coat

Step one:
After painting your nails black (& making sure they are dry)

 you can then add 3 green dots. Make sure they are some what uneven. 
Step two: Begin working upwards, almost as if you are coloring
 in your nails and making sure you stay within the green dots
 you created in step one.

Step three: Make sure you fill in all the sides. Do steps 1-3 on each nail. & if you
want to give it a little bit more effect you can add a small green dot below the design. 

Step four: Add top coat to all your nails and your done!


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