May 2012

D.I.Y drippy nails

These nails are perfect for the summer! & there are so mannnny combination of colors you could do.

1. base coat
2. I used sally hansen extreme mint sorbet
3. Then i added a quick dry coat (cause im a klutz)
4. In order to get the effect, i made sure the wand was thick of polish. Then i added three dots of a cotton candy type of pink and worked my way up. You could do different pattern of drips, from high to low, etc.
5. You can also add a small drip towards the middle of the nail to give it even more of a drippy trippy effect.
6. top coat! and viola!

D.I.Y Ikat nails!

Oh the ever so sweet ikat print! These have got to be one of my favorite nail designs out there, and they're relatively easy! all you need is a wee bit of patience.

#1. start with your base color (sally hansen mint sorbet OR orly gum drop)
#2. apply orange splotches. Make sure that it drys!
#3. Add white in the middle of those orange blobs. Your basically going to be layering at this point.
#4. Outline the blobs with a black nail polish or polish pen. Make some parts a bit jagged to give it that Ikat effect.
#5. When you feel that its dry, you can finally add the "Eye" to your design.
#6. Add a wonderful top coat. and Voila!

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