D.i.y emergency kit

Im the type of person that likes to have everything with me, you know... just in case. But throwing everything into my purse isn't very practical, especially when I need it. Everything just gets lost in the mess and I end up having to jiggle my junk out (I hope that made somebody giggle). In other words, complete waste of time. So I decided to make an emergency kit for my personal belongings. 

In my kit I carry
1.Boscia blotting wipes, which is a quick fix to an oily face.
2. Burt's bee's Chapstick
3. NARS new lover lip pencil, to give me a nice reddish hue on the go.
4. Bliss hand cream, which smells absolutely lovely! 
5. A small drawstring bag which I carry my ahem things.. girly things. 
Which I must say is the reason I have an emergency kit to begin with.
6. Some gum, which is always a must.
7. Two hair ties for a quick bun.
8. A small pair of portable scissors. As weird as it is to carry these around, 
you will not regret it. Or at least I don't. I find myself needing scissors quite 
often when im not home.


#1. Two pieces of canvas cut the the size you'd like your kit to be.
 Remember to add 1/2 extra on each side (seam allowance)

#2. Pins to hold fabric in place

#3. One zipper that measures the size of your pouch.
 I made mine according to the size of the zipper.

#4. Red fabric paint

#5. Fabric pen. Totally optional, I use it because
it makes my life easier.

#6. scissors

Step one: Paint your red cross on your already cut piece of canvas.
 Now its time to play the waiting game. Continue onto step two when dry.

Step two: Pin the fabric down to the zipper and
 hand sew, or use the sewing machine. 

Step three: Place the two fabrics together and sew the sides and bottom.
 Make sure your pattern is sandwiched between the two fabrics. In other 
words the part you want to be outside should be inside when sewing.

Step four: Reverse your already sewed pouch

Step five: Stuff it with your belongings! 


  1. Cute little kit! Carrying little scissors around is really a must. I started keeping one in my car because I always seem to need some scissors there!

  2. I absolutely love this! ("jiggle my junk" def made me giggle;) the little handmade bag with the red cross..very cool
    Sarah http://atticlace.blogspot.com

  3. Very nice! I love the little cross on the bag too :) I have lots of ideas as to what I would add in mine! (burts bees is a must)

  4. This would be cute with an embroidered cross, too!

    1. I thought the same once I finished it! I even thought of doing it after but once i finished I just kind of wanted to finish ha.


  5. Such a cute and clever idea!

    <3 Melissa

  6. I am so excited that I found your blog!! It seems like a very happy place to be. This is so cute!! I love how you made such a simple little carrying case that looks so cute. xx. Lou

    1. Aw im so glad to hear that! Thats exactly what I want it to be. Thank you for you sweet words lou


  7. that is the cutest emergency kit ever!

  8. Such a good idea. I have that same Nars lip pencil and I never go anywhere without Burt's Bees (original only, please. I've tried the honey one and the cranberry one, but I prefer the original mint one). And I don't really chew gum, but my boyfriend always chews 5 gum, so I usually have some in my purse (we are such an old couple). Anyway, my emergency kit would be a lot like yours! I also carry a small flashlight which has been invaluable several times in my life (evacuating trains that stopped in dark tunnels on metro, navigating the pitch black stairwells of apt buildings when the power goes out and you're coming home from work and have to find your way to your apt, etc.). :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah it's super helpful to have everything in one place. Especially since Chapstick always gets lost. Now that I think about it I've never finished a stick! They always runaway from me. I actually got my Nars lip pencil for free with my sephora beauty points. Probably my favorite free gift. I like how both of our kits contain something practical. I probably would carry around a flashlight but I just use my phone for that. Ugh I can't wait to have my own apartment and all that jazz.

  9. Super cute kit :) I too am always afraid of forgetting something when I leave the house because you never know what you are going to need-right ?

  10. I've never actually though of carrying scissors with me but you're right thats probably a must!



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