Friday fingers /// D.i.y finger fuzz

Friday is here & I couldn't be happier! The weather is finally acting its age.
Here in L.A. we'll be having a whole weekend of rain & that gets me all warm and fuzzy.
Which is why Im sharing my pink fuzzy nails today. These are my go to for a quick, fun, and 
easy manicure. You really hardly need anything for these pups! But I just want to warn
 you, they tend to get dirty pretty easily so beware. Sadly that means finger foods are a no no. 
Other than that, they are a blast to have and are totally unique!


#1. Pink velvet fuzz (crushed velvet)
You could either order it, or find it at Joann.

#2. Essie A Crewed Interest or a soft pink

#3. Tweezers

Step one: First things first, apply one coat of nail polish. Whats great
about this step is you can be as sloppy as you want since the
 pink fuzz will cover most of your errors!

Step two: This is were you'll work fast. Apply your second coat of nail polish.
Then with the tweezers apply the pink fuzz on top of the wet polish. Once
 your little pink fuzz of a mountain is sitting on top, your going to squash it 
down with your finger. Making sure you cover your whole nail.

Step three:  Once you finish, there will be alot of fuzz left over on your fingers.
To fix that your simply just going to blow it off till its nice and clean! Each and everyone of them.

& There you have it, a hand full of pink fuzzy nails!

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  1. I'm also very excited about the rain! YAY!!! Xo Inna


    1. Right? Finally fall is settling down. My coats and blankets need to come out already.


  2. I've seen this online but have yet to try it out! I don't know how much I would like the texture on my nails, but it looks so soft!

    1. Its weird at first because you forget you have them on. But they're fun to rub because the're sooo soft ha.

  3. These are perfect!! Love them.

    Stop by and say hi.

  4. Those look awesome but would probably last about 2 seconds on my hands. Finger foods are a diet staple lately. I have yet to cook an actual meal in my new house! Must do something about that soon. xo

  5. Pink nails never looked so good. What a lovely DIY tutorial. Thanks.


  6. Umm....this looks absolutely sinfully DELICIOUS! And I'm have to make it.....asap! ;D


    1. Haha xD Whoops! =} ment to post that comment on ur cookie pizza ;)

    2. Thank you! Im not much of a baker but I must say it came out pretty close to perfect & no worries my comment box can be confusing.


  7. I recently bought a kit to put velvet on my nails, but I didn't know you could order the velvet separately. I love the pink!

    1. I actually didn't buy them separately. I bought a pack that contained 6 velvet containers in pastel and 6 containers of glitter. I was originally looking for a deep red or black but I ended up loving the pink. I think im going to have to order those dark velvet colors though.


  8. Genuis Christmas Presents!


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