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Hello all & Happy new year! Sorry for my absence this week, I was in the beautiful San Francisco helping my best friend move. Some of you already knew that, via instagram. Any who I hope all of your festivities were fantastic! As for me its time to start the year off productively. I decided to try something new this year. I have no idea why but every year when I start a new planner I quit half way, seriously it never fails. This year to avoid that, I'm going to print out a months worth of my weekly planner pages. Im hoping it will motivate me to accomplish more of my bucketlist items. Last year I started a five year bucketlist & have accomplished 7 of 30. Nothing crazy, but its something. I figured if I gave myself a reasonable time frame I would get more done and be motivated, rather than making it a list before I die. Below is a download to my pdf that I hope you will all enjoy! & down lower is a list of my completed goals as well as those I hope to knock out!


Here are the few I've accomplished this year! & Those I plan on dominating in four years time. Id love to hear some that you've completed or would like to!

#1. Took tap dance ( 4 months )

#2. Went camping 

#3. Made rock climbing indoor and outdoor a hobby.
*Photo below is me 50ft up in Malibu 

#4. Tried escargot.

#5. Stayed at a hostel (Seattle)

#6. East coast road trip  
(Boston, Rhode Island, New york, Connecticut, & Philadelphia) 

#7. Went to the Seinfeld restaurant in new york

2013/2014/2015/2016 Goals:
#1. Go horseback riding
#2. Get a college degree
#3. Visit China
#4. Attend Bonnaroo 
#5. Fly in a hot air balloon 
#6. Rent a comfortable & road trip 
#7. Be in New Orleans for Madri Gras
#8. Go on a Safari 
#9. See the pyramids
#10. Learn to surf
#11. Live in San Fran / New York
#12. See the Grand Canyon
#13. Alaskan cruise
#14. Get a tattoo
#15. Drive along route 66
#16. Smoke a cuban
#17. Buy a motorcycle 
#18. Go to the snow (Yes, I've never been..)
#19. Go to Spain
#20. Go rubber tubbing
#21. Go kayaking
#22. Show up at the airport & take the first flight!
#23. Go river rafting
#24. Go to a Buddhist temple.
#25. Take a fencing class.
#26. Become a Licensed Speech Pathologist


  1. You want to go to Spain? That's cool! We could meet if you want ;-).

  2. I love your shoes!! Your blog is so wonderful. I just love looking at your posts every day. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. This is awesome! Love your pictures and goals. :)

  4. Ahhh the Seinfeld restaurant. Can't believe I've never gone there! I had to laugh when I saw "stay in a hostel" on your list...well, because all the hostels I stayed in in Europe were pretty much crapholes. Haha. But I guess not all life experiences are supposed to be cushy, or smell that great. Are hostels nicer in the US? I see that Spain is on your list-yes, do that. Barcelona is one of the coolest cities I've ever been to and you will have the time of your life. Also, how did you like tap? I took tap when I was really young and remember it being a lot of fun. :)

    1. The hostel in Seattle was actually really nice. Super friendly people and great location. I cant remember tthe name of it though... but yes hah im not sure why this was a goal of mine but i thought it would be a fun one especially since im still young. I aboslutely loved tap. I stopped going because it was interfering with school, but i plan on returning to it and possibly join a program rather than just classes. Plus being able to change your shoelaces is always incredibly fun!

  5. wow those are awesome goals. I know what you mean about the planner deal, that's a good idea taking it one month at a time :)


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