A knotty Valentines day card

I'm aware Valentines day is a month away but I just cant help & get a head start. Especially when I figured out a way to incorporate this save the date card that I've been eying. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. This would even be perfect as an anniversary card! Anything romantic really.


1. My PDF printable 
2. Scissors 
3. 9 inches of twine 
4. Exacto or cutting tool
5. Glue stick
5. 15 minutes of your time

Step one: After cutting out the PDF and carefully folding it in half, make a hole through the two sheets using your cutting tool. After doing so glue the two sheets together.

Step two: Place the twine through and make a knot. 

Step three: Before doing the same to the other side, make a loose knot in the middle of the card.

Make sure when you give your card to your valentine that the knot in the middle is loose. That way when they open it up it will form the knot. Click on the download bar below to make your own!

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  1. Little lovely gift! I'll use it soon :D


  2. That's adorable! I want to do save the dates like that too where you make a knot! So cute w/ the Valentine's day twist!

    Ergo - Blog

    1. The font matches so well with the knotty theme! And also the quote. They altogether make a great combo! Love this idea. Just pinned and tweeted :)

  3. Aw this is adorable! I must make this!


  4. I love this!! I am absolutely doing this for the Mr on Valentines day. Thanks for the great idea. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. cute! I like how you incorporated that concept into something for V day :)

  6. How adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!


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