D.i.y Valentines day balloon card

Valentine's day is coming way to fast & even though I've prepared for it. I feel completely unprepared and lazy to do anything about it. I prefer hand making my cards than purchasing them. I feel the process is way funner than hunting for a card that last minute thats both personal and clever. The majority of the times I end up just grabbing any ol thing and just convince myself its the best thing ever. Well not this time.  

#1. One of the downloadable templates below

#2. Heart balloon
#3. Double sided tape

Step one: After cutting the card and folding it in half, place the heart balloon on top, and secure with double sided tape. You can either leave the balloon as is or blow it up and write a message for your loved one!

These heart balloons were a blast to play with. They look like kitties when I started blowing them up. I was so tempted to draw little faces on them but then I'd ruin the purpose of these templates. Any who head on over to Borondyspurpleplanet to enter her lovely valentines day giveaway! 

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D.i.y Heart surprise ball

Oh yes, here I go again with the surprise balls. I can't help it they're just so fun! My first attempt was a little eggy and awkward shaped but it still created some amazing smiles. Some of you know that I'm completely in love with snail mail. It's one of the few simple things that are so thoughtful. This year I'll be sending my love via heart surprises!


#1. One red streamer
#2. About six or so goodies
#3. Tape (not shown)
#4. paper (not shown)
#5. Scissors (not shown)
#6. 15 minutes of your time

Step one: Start by rolling in your first item.

Step two: Followed by your second. What you will do from now is move the streamer in a V formation.


Step three: I found that placing the treats at the point of the heart made it easier to get the shape I wanted. If the top needs more volume then add it there.

Step four: In order to make sure you get that heart shape, twist the streamer and give that heart a wedgie. I did this a good three times or so. 

Step five: Cut the streamer and tape to secure.

Step six: Make an arrow to send it off with a message!

Step seven: place the two pieces between the streamer.

Once I finished up all of my hearts, I plan on placing them in a box, and sending them off. I think it would be sweet to find a box sitting outside with one of these. dont you?

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D.i.y Friendship pencils

Friends rule & so do threaded bracelets. I use to rock em all the time, but they were so restricting. If I had to dress up I'd have to take them with me. So I figured adding some colorful embroidery thread would give me that summery feel with out that bracelet tan. Not only that but how sweet would these be to gift? An alternative to giving out those time consuming bracelets. 


#1. Set of pencils
#2. Craft thread / embroidery
#3. Scissors 
#4. 10 minutes of your time

Step one: Choose 3 or four colors 

pictures to animation

Step two: Create a loop and slide onto the pencil. Next with the thread attached to the rest of the bunch, create the same loop and pull up to tighten (loop it under and back through the opening). Repeat until desired length.

Step three: Grab your next color of choice and begin of with the same starter knot. Then follow step twos loop sequence creating 5 knots.

Step four: Cut off the string from your first thread, and second (orange and magenta). Continue loop knotting with your second thread (magenta) until both cut strings are covered. Do steps 3-4 for each color of thread you add.

Step five: When ending your friendship pencil make a tight knot as close to the pencil as possible. Then create another one to secure it. Cut the thread & done!

Mix up your colors the more the better! Now you can have summer camp in your hands!
Also you could slide your design down and use it a finger grip! However I like it better as a topper.

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Tea for two printable // Valentines Day

I wish coffee was my thing. I feel like those that drink it are always on a mission, and have got it all together. But coffee just isn't my thing. Hot chocolate & teas & really anything that sounds lazy, those things got my name written all over it. I decided changing up the tea labels would be a sweet gesture for valentines day. Something special but still completely easy & stress free. Downloads for the templates are in the supplies section. Enjoy!

Tea Tags:
-Hot stuff
-You warm my heart
-Your sweet
-You blow me away


#1. Scissors 
#2. Glue stick 
#3. Heart tea tags on card stock paper
#4. Tea bag envelopes on card stock paper
#5. Tea bags
#6. 15 minutes of your time
#7. Oh & this 

Step one: Once you cut out the heart tags, apply glue, and place string in the center.

Step two: Now its time to seal them up in an envelope! When you do so, glue the sides first then the top flap. I placed a book on top to keep the envelope from opening up. After two minutes or so the packet should be secure.

Step three: 
Gather up your tea packets & tie em up with some string. 

Or pour some hot water and share with your valentine.

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D.i.y Pom Pom bookmarks

Lately I've been super stoked about returning to school in the Spring. Mostly because it'll be my last semester before I graduate! But I also love school supply shopping and preparing for the first day of school. Nothings better then a new set of pens, notebooks, or a backpack. I hate that all my school books are all starting to blend in, so I figured a pom pom organization system is the best way to go. Each color goes with a certain subject, making it easy to find in a messy backpack. This'll probably make me want to read through my books too! These of course are perfect for regular non-school actually interesting books. 

#1. White elastic 
#2. Sharp scissors 
#3. Your favorite yarn
#4. Needle & white thread (Not shown).
#5. Book 
#6. 15 minutes of your time.

Step one: Wrap the yarn around two fingers. The more times you go around the bigger your pom will be. I went about 50x, basically till my fingers turned blue.

 Step two: Cut a long piece of yarn and pass it through your fingers. Once the yarn is facing your palm,  try and make a secure tie, If you have a helping hand lying around go get him or her to do this for you (Not necessary, just convenient ).

Step three: This is what your pom pom should look like. It is tightly knotted where my fingers were, and looks like the cutest bun! 

Step four: Place your scissors inside of folded portion, and cut it up. Your pom should then look like the photo below, one terrible hair cut.

Step five: Now it's time to make your pom actually look like a pom pom. Even out all of the strings, and smooth it out as much as possible. Remember not to cut the long thread you used to tie your pom. You will need it later on.

Now its time for the elastic portion!

Step six: Wrap the white elastic around your book making sure its as stretched out as possible. Once you snip the elastic, you will then sew the two cut pieces together. I hand sewed mine vertically. 

Step seven: Tie your pom pom onto the sewn portion of the elastic. This way your hiding the stitch your made! Which means you can do a crappy job. Once you make a secure knot onto the elastic, cut off the two long threads to the size of the other threads. Place in book and your good to go!

Or try it out with your school books! Also don't forget to enter my giveaway it ends this friday!

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