D.i.y pizza cookie

There are many things I enjoy in this world. Two of which are chocolate 
and pizza. So I thought I'd combine the two! Plus Im personally not a cake person.
 Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful I just prefer the taste of a warm cookie or brownie. 

Naturally (for me) this the perfect alternative & would be a blast to do with kids. This particular pie was for a birthday girl, whom was pleasantly surprised to see a huge cookie in a pizza box! Now if your thinking this is just too much chocolate, you can easily substitute the nutella for some strawberry/raspberry preserves. I actually kept fighting with myself on what to use for the "pizza sauce". I knew some sort of fruit preserve would look much more like a pizza, but my sweet tooth couldn't deny nutella. 


#1. Two packets of chocolate chip cookie dough

#2. Nutella

#3. Four mini packets of M&Ms 

#4. Shaved coconut

Step one: Let your two packets of cookie dough thaw, that you can easily 
form a ball with the dough.

Step two: Spread your cookie dough on a pizza pan (I added grease, but 
its not necessary). Don't forget to create a "crust" around the edges 
when kneading the dough. When your ready to place it in the oven make 
sure you follow the cookie dough instructions. When you remove the 
pizza from the oven let it cool for about 20 minutes or until the dough has cooled. 

Step three: Spread nutella in a circular motion. 
Make sure to leave an inch around without nutella.

Step four: Now is the time to make your pizza slices. If you wait till
the end the cookie will harden, making it impossible to cut the cookie
without breaking it.

Step five: Add your pepperoni (Chocolate M&Ms). I tried to make sure each slice had 
a mixture of colors and kept the doubles to a minimum.

Step six: Add the cheese (shredded coconut)! This was my favorite part. 
I loved spreading the cheese just like I would for a pizza.

Step seven: & now for the Pièce de résistance. 
             A pizza box for your pizza cookie!

Step eight: Deliver your pizza pie to a special friend! 
            Or have yourself a pizza night with a side of ice cream!


  1. What a fun surprise! I need to remember this, I have a few friends who would burst with excitement if they got this

  2. I was just craving nutella! Wishing I had some right now because my coworker loves all things sweet and would be all over this!

  3. Looks so yummy! I love your blog :)

  4. oh, how delicious!! what a yummy, idea... i'm totally making one!

    lovely blog dear. how have you been? hope all is well!

    xox, amber

    1. Thank you! I've been great. Finally dedicating some time into this blog & yourself?


  5. We talked at the office today about Nutella :).

  6. Oh I think my boyfriend would looooove this. And it's so cute! :)

    1. I originally had this idea for my boyfriend but he refused to have me do anymore work for his birthday. Sooooo I made it for a cousin of mine instead. If he loves chocolate, then he's going to lovee it!

  7. I love this! My brother just had his birthday, but maybe next year I'll make him this! :)

  8. whatttt!!!!!

    i gotta try this soon. i pinned it to remind myself :)


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