A few photos of October

Goodbye October. Thanks for being so darn good to me.
Here are some photos from my Instagram this month.
take a peek maybe we can be friends?

Halloween costume #1. KISS' star child
Halloween costume #2. Trent & Daria
Swinging carousel
Street adventures with the boy
Skating with the boy
That moment when your shirt is the same color as everything behind you
Borris my pup

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  1. Both of your costumes were great, but the Daria and Trent duo takes the cake! I saw that on your instagram and immediately loved it! I'm a little jealous that I can't pull off Daria as lovely as you do!

    1. Your too sweet! but seriously you could easily pull it off! your hair length is perfect AND you actually wear glasses.

  2. Brilliant photo's and thanks a lot for following my blog! xoxo


  3. I love this!

    Also, hi! I found your blog through The Totally Awesome Blog Hop, and I'm now your new follower :)


  4. HI! i love your blog!! and that is the coolest and inexpensive costumes of all time :)

    i totally know where that wall is, love your city.
    and i wanted to take a photo last time i saw it but in l.a. im always trying to get from a to b. so much damn traffic everywhere. see u around hopefully!

    1. Aw thank you! Well im in love with your family, especially your little frida. I love that we both dressed as KISS members! & the best costumes always seem to be those that are inexpensive.

      My boyfriend and i were driving to mood fabrics and we ran into that wall. I told him to U-turn it because i love running into murals. Particularly rad ones. It would be sooo sweet if you did a little photo shoot with your family there! I could imagine them coming out amazing! Well, maybe ill see ya around!



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